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It's all about ME

music | noun: vocal or instrumental sounds combined to produce beauty & expression of emotion.

epicenter | noun: the central point of something.

So, you could say that we’re “the central point of beauty and expression of emotion.”  
But that sounds a little pretentious, so here’s the deal –

We help you tell your story.
We move music, because music moves us.
We make a scene for Film & Television.


We love telling AND listening to them – especially when they are supported by music.

Music Production_edited.jpg

Music Epicenter was launched in 2003, when songs were sent to music supervisors on CDs!

iTunes changed the music industry and Music Epicenter changed its focus to production. Lezlie rebooted the company in 2014, embracing digital distribution and returning Music Epicenter to its core -

song placement. 

An elite team of artists and songwriters, allows ME to offer a delicious selection of one-stop and easy-clear songs.

Our writers love rising to the challenge of custom songs and compositions.

Music Epicenter specializes in catchy songs with memorable hooks. (Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Singer-songwriter & Instrumental.) 

Have a listen.


Your story is important to us. We want to help you present it to the world in the most creative and expressive way. Let's start the conversation.

CONTACT US  |  Tel: 949 415-6550

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